An Overview of Cuba IT Nearshoring
Nearshoring Works!

At  Cuba IT, we facilitate qualified resources, to cover the role you need, from support to software development, either locally at your office, or remotely, just as if they were onsite. "Agile Methodology".

Over the past few years we mastered the art of working with agile practices remotely from our nearshore offices. Our US customers find agile methodology to fit better with nearshoring, as it improves communication with the remote team, boosts team productivity (and thus customer investment), less rework and better scope management, among others. By taking advantage of our nearshoring opportunities, your business will be able to save money and cut costs. Time zone and culture help the teams quickly ramp up.

Our partners convenient timezone, cultural affinity and education are just a few key elements of the advantages you will recieve by choosing Web Associates as your nearshore outsourcing provider. Some of our other advantages your business will recieve are:

  1. Geographic proximity with lower travel expenses
  2. Time zone proximity
  3. Cultural Affinity
  4. Bi lingual capabilities
  5. Top-tier talent
  6. Close to zero-attrition
  7. Staff with excellent oral and written English
  8. Competitive rates
  9. Certified world-class consultants


At Cuba IT, we find the best in class partners and put companies together for successful long-term partnerships.

Cuba-IT.US is our "Best Nearshore Destination"

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