The Nearshore Advantage of

Advantages of Nearshoring

While there are many different advantages to nearshoring, Web Associates focuses on the most important to your business. Our goal is to help your business drive new revenue and cut costs at the same time. In order to achieve these results, we have teamed up with a variety of international partners. By utilizing first class talent and cost effective nearshoring practices, we can help your business enter the world of nearshoring.

1. Time Zone

Nearshore outsourcing offers an alternative of having a developer or support team working in the same time zone. This is critical element in engagements where online interaction is a must. Nobody needs to wake up early or stay up late at night to complete the task.

2. Geographic Proximity

If a company expects world class delivery by outsourcing a project to a distant country it has to think about frequent traveling demands as tasks cannot just be handed over to several thousands of miles away, and face-to-face interaction is vital.

Taking an hour flight between Cuba and the United States to attend a project review session is different from taking many hours trip across the globe where the costs and time zone are not the same.

3. Cultural Affinity

Language, sense of humor, similarity of school and university education and common history in neighboring countries have always been important cultural elements of successful interactions and directness of communications.

4. Strong technical skills and scientific background

Cuba historically has a strong technical background, solid scientific basis and skilled technical staff with a solid background in mathematics and good knowledge of foreign languages. These include English, French, and Spanish.

5. Costs - Bill in U.S. Dollars via Web Associates. We can also quote your project in U.S. Dollars

Time zone aspect eliminates the need in extra work. And as a result of all this the hourly rate difference between Nearshore service model and "traditional" Far East offshore model (e.g. software development in India or China) is eliminated and real costs match.

Combining on-site presence of software architects and project managers with off-site development teams who shared cultural values and have similar mindset, Web Associates helps leading businesses to substantially reduce costs under the highest standards in software development and IT maintenance.

5. Bi-Lingual Capabilities - Most of our developers speak English as a second language

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