A Web Associates Company

Cuba-IT.us is a private association founded in 2015 as a Web Associates LLC initiative to help
Cuban information technology companies promote their services and establish strategic relationships
with companies mainly from the US which are seeking new choices in globalized resources.

Cuba has long been a great place for International companies to work and play, with a high literacy
rate (99%) and the advent of 4G technology , Cuba is ready to be a great potential partner to many US firms who are looking for Agile,Nearshore partners, Time Zone,Culture and 90 miles away make it the perfect place to grow your team !

Web Associates has spent over 10 years working with many Latam countries and companies and see Cuba-IT.US as the next great technology destination! We are "Building A Business Bridge".

Cuba is emerging as  a stable, safe, technologically-advanced country with high quality professionals and impeccable attention to detail, in the same time zone as the east coast of the United States.  Nearshoring at its best!

Cuba-IT.com.US seeks to be a business bridge between Cuba’s IT industry and their potential partners in North America.

If you are a North American company looking for better choices in globalized resources, we invite you to explore Cuba-IT.us and our member companies. We will far exceed your expectations!

Contact Cuba-IT.us today at info@cuba-it.us for a Free Quote and POC!


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